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​​Refund/Cancellation Policy

Neither Ironside Security & Investigations nor its employees or agents have made any warranties or guaranties as to the success of the investigation, research or other matters of question. Due to the nature of investigative work, no warranties or guaranties can be given as to the success or quality of the results achieved. CLIENT understands that surveillance and investigations by their nature are limited by time, resources and circumstances. The information obtained may not be that which is desired or in the favor of the CLIENT.

​​Shipping & Fulfillment Policy

All investigative reports including, but not limited to photographs, surveillance reports, background reports, person locate reports, asset locate reports, etc. will be delivered electronically via email to the email address provided by CLIENT. If CLIENT prefers a paper copy, they must notify AGENCY in writing with an additional payment of $25 at which time AGENCY will send agreed upon investigative reports to a U.S. mailing address provided by CLIENT via Certified Mail.

​​Terms & Conditions

J has been doing investigations in the private sector for over a decade covering a broad array of case types including background checks, domestic affairsfraud, asset protectionWorker's Compensation & General Liability Insurance claims. He graduated Cum Laude from the University of Florida with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminology, is Loss Prevention Certified (LPC) by the Loss Prevention Foundation & has managed multiple investigation teams (over 30 investigators) over the course of his career. J was born & raised in the Tampa, Florida area and in 2018 when he decided to branch off and start a Private Investigative Agency of his own, he knew he wanted to focus his services on helping the citizens & businesses of Florida's beautiful suncoast!

​​Privacy Policy

 1) Access to and protection of CLIENT’s Confidential Information: AGENCY acknowledges that in the course of this agreement it shall have access to confidential and proprietary information of the CLIENT and agrees not to disclose any information without prior consent of Client or by Court Order. Any information obtained as a result of the investigation will only be released to the CLIENT or his designated representative, or Court Order, and will otherwise remain confidential information.

2) Indemnification of AGENCY from CLIENT Provided Information: CLIENT agrees to indemnify and hold AGENCY harmless against all claims arising out of or related to any information which the CLIENT provides to AGENCY prior to or during the course of the Services provided.

3) Indemnification of AGENCY from its Services or Information Provided: CLIENT agrees to indemnify and hold AGENCY harmless against all claims arising out of or related to the services of AGENCY or information provided by AGENCY herein EXCEPT for those arising from AGENCY’s Intentional and Wrongful acts.

  1. CLIENT agrees that as a result of becoming a CLIENT of AGENCY, “Certain Information” as it relates to the practices and procedures of AGENCY may become known and that CLIENT specifically agrees that they will hold any such information as confidential, not to be discussed with anyone outside the scope of this agreement.

  2. CLIENT acknowledges that the investigation will be or could be greatly damaged if the subject(s) of this investigation were to become aware of the activities of AGENCY relative to the research and surveillance in progress and therefore agrees to keep our relationship confidential at all times during the investigation.  FAILURE TO KEEP INVESTIGATION CONFIDENTIAL SHALL RESULT IN FORFEITURE OF ANY MONEY PAID TO AGENCY – NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.

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